About Us

Our primary objective is too empower and support children, families and the elderly in the community both within the UK and in Nigeria.


Our Mission

In the UK, we focus our work in London where we support struggling families with challenging socio-economic needs, as well as vulnerable families who are at risk of exclusion from wider society. We support them in working through issues to enable them to integrate better into the local community.

In Nigeria, we provide support to various orphanages, care homes and schools in alleviating poverty among the most marginalised people in society.

 Our Vision

To empower and motivate children, family and the elderly in the community.

To support orphanages, homes (children and domestic violence homes) and schools to meet the basic needs of people.


The organisation is a UK registered charity established in 2013, it was originally called Inspire A Change which was later changed to MercyGiven in 2019. This was because there was a change in the vision and we wanted to expand our remit to support people internationally across Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

The charity visited schools in Thamesmead Southeast England and supported pupils who were struggling at school and those with special needs (higher and low achievers). The charity works with a pupil in a scaffolding way. The support is gradually removed as they progress.

In October 2015, the charity took a different direction and started to support different charities in Nigeria such as orphanages, special needs homes, domestic violence charities/homes, educational charities and some secondary schools. This was based on the decline in the Nigerian economy, lots of schools and orphanages were really struggling to meet the basic needs especially children homes and government schools.

Previously, we offered vocational learning leading towards national qualifications as well as workshops for children and families in the community such as: Parenting skills, CV writing, Creative writing club, General advice/walk-in sessions; Support in filling forms, Personal development, Homework club, Cake making, Knitting club, Reading club, Gaming club, Photography/Video making club, Football club, Art and craft club, Music club, Cookery club, Coaching and Mentoring club, Counselling, and Educational trips.

In Africa we offer the same services as above, we also provide new books, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, clothing, toiletries, cash funds and other essentials to children homes and orphanages.

In London, the charity started working more with families in the communities due to increased needs in the community.

Our team

We have a small team of professional dedicated individuals who give their time to support the charity.

Our objectives

  • To empower and support children, families and the elderly in the community.
  • To provide information, referrals and advice to people in our local community.
  • To support children in Nigeria with basic equipment such as uniforms, books, registration fees for higher education, giving out rewards for achievements.
  • To provide grants for students to relieve hardship/poverty.
  • To Support various children in orphanages in Nigeria in providing toiletries, first aid kits, medications, body creams, books, clothing, shoes, food stuffs and personal protective equipment such as aprons, disposable gloves, shoe covers and facemasks.

Find out more about our funding and how to donate on our donation page