Our Work

Our services

  • Working with the elderly, children and families in community halls.
  • Creating a diverse and welcoming environment for the elderly, children and professionals.
  • Providing workshops for the elderly, children and families in the communities.
  • Liaising and referrals to other professionals and services.
  • Liaising with different charities and professionals in Nigeria.
  • Donating clothing, shoes, food, medication, toiletries, school uniforms, first aid kits, gloves, tables and benches, fairly used desktops, laptops, printers etc.
  • Attending event and empowerment programmes in schools.


Our work so far

  • Meeting with senior citizens, children and family weekly in church halls providing various activities which includes advice, coffee mornings, homework club, cooking club, football club, exercise club, book club, walking club, diet advice, dance club, gardening club, evening film club, teenage open discussion group
  • Zoom bible class for children and coding class for student
  • Donating clothes, PPE, shoes, food stuffs to orphanages and homes.
  • Donated desktop computers, printers and benches to schools.
  • MercyGiven has supported sixty-two pupils with school uniforms.
  • MercyGiven works in partnership with Change Ambassadors Network (CAN), which was set up by Alumni of Comprehensive High school Alapere, Ketu. This includes empowerment programmes, awarding of best students and giving sponsorships for JAMB examinations to brilliant students.
  • Mercy Given has been building good relationships with the management in schools and with other professionals.