You can be easily tricked into signing up to a marketplace that doesn’t have an extensive lender network

You can be easily tricked into signing up to a marketplace that doesn’t have an extensive lender network

Well, there’s nothing wrong with using a smaller marketplace, but there can be some issues. You see, a smaller network means fewer available lenders. Therefore, if you’re in a hurry for a loan with a smaller marketplace, you’ll risk your chance to get money as soon as possible.

On the other hand, platforms that have a bigger lender network have much faster service. After you submit your request, you’ll receive an offer right away hence receiving the money sooner.

Additionally, it can help you a lot if the platform also collaborates with third-party lenders so that it can send your request to them if you don’t receive an offer from the ones inside the network. We suggest you check if the marketplace provides additional connections with outside lenders that can offer you debt relief or credit repair deals.

Types of loans and loan charges

Maybe right now, you need a small personal loan. You’ll find a nice online place to match you with a lender, and you’ll cover your unexpected cost. The thing is, we don’t know what can surprise us in the future. Maybe a few months from now, you’ll need to buy a new car, but the platform you used before doesn’t offer auto loans. That’s why before you select a lending platform and get used to it, it’s important to investigate if it has a wide range of loans to offer.

It’s always better to choose a marketplace where you can find at least the most popular types of loans. That way, if you’re satisfied with the site, you can go back to it if you have any needs in the future. The platforms we reviewed earlier offer various types of loans, including Personal Loans, Auto Loans, Student Loans, Payday Loans, Mortgages, and others.

Additionally, we strongly recommend you choose platforms that provide customer security by collaborating with credible lenders. If the lending platform is reputable, it will have a network of trustworthy lenders, so you’ll be able to negotiate regarding the loan. Credible lenders always provide open deals (no hidden charges) so that you know payday loans in Warren what you’re obligating to.

  • Loan payback time frame – See if the lender offers a longer payback term. Maybe you’d feel stuck with installments for a longer time, but you’ll not risk running out of money.
  • Loan size – Check if your lender is willing to offer you a larger amount of money.
  • Flexibility – See if your lender is flexible about the date of the repayments. You can have a lot of trouble if you sign up for a deal requiring an exact day payment and do not pay it.
  • Collateral – Check if your lender requires collateral in order to lend you money. If that’s the case, you should carefully think about what you can offer and will you repay the collateral.

Educational articles and loan calculators

Even though the primary purpose of a lending platform isn’t to educate people on annual percentage rates, installments, fees, credit scores, and loans, still, the most suitable sites offer special sections for extra help. We think that it’s important to use a lending platform that devotes time and resources to create educational areas. Through these articles, you can get a better look at your fund’s situation. Also, you’ll be able to understand more the terms, including bank accounts, loans, and credits.

Additionally, almost every reputable lending platform provides a loan calculator. Through this feature, you can figure out the APRs on your loan and much other information about your repayment schedule.