Lord Farquaad is the tyrannical dictator who will do just about anything to become the right king of Duloc

Lord Farquaad is the tyrannical dictator who will do just about anything to become the right king of Duloc

Computer Game Appearances

In Shrek 2: The gaming PC adaptation, whilst not literally looks within the games, Farquaad’s face sometimes appears on an exercise dummy that Shrek uses to rehearse fighting.


He’s got not a problem with creating Gingy punished and maimed, serenely viewing Thelonius dunk Gingy in one cup of whole milk. He will not seem to care about the health of their everyone, while he freely acknowledges their desire to risk the resides of all of the of his or her own knights to rescue Fiona to ensure the guy does not have to. Though he locates Fiona gorgeous, their selection to get married her are purely away from a hunger for energy. The degree of their callousness is actually announced towards the film, as he threatens for Shrek drawn and quartered with no reasons and also to lock Fiona back in her tower forever.

Their obsession over “perfection”, his must be master and his awesome short prominence shows one which includes serious self-image difficulties. Farquaad overcompensates for his short prominence when it is domineering and regulating. In an effort, more types of this entail: The towering height of palace Duloc, the numerous statues and murals of himself around Duloc, along with his grave which illustrates him brought up above Dragon. Whenever Gingy calls him a monster, Farquaad dismisses this and states that it’s the fairytale creatures that happen to be the creatures. Despite finding fairytale creatures to get a blight upon their best world, he’s no dilemmas marrying a princess from a fairytale becoming master. Although he claims that his purpose is always to generate Duloc perfect, he does not view his own shortness as problematic for this “perfection” in addition to that.

Despite those faculties, he remains real to their phrase, evidenced from the undeniable fact that the guy satisfied the promise of giving Shrek the action to their swamp back once again when Shrek provided Fiona to him. But he had been nevertheless really ill-mannered, discourteous, never ever expressed his gratitude towards Shrek or Donkey, and completely took all credit for your save. He or she is a professional administrative figure, with all the community of Duloc flourishing under his rule. At the same time he could be not so favored by their people, while they start to clap and brighten on Shrek during event and welcome your back when he disrupts the marriage at once. They don’t worry a lot about Farquaad’s demise, some also laughing and cheering.

Bit otherwise is famous about him when you look at the movies, although (non-canon) music delved deeper into their history along with his hatred towards fairytale animals. Within this variation, he spends a lot of his amount of time in the torture chamber, playing video games regarding the Magic echo, drinking drinks while having a bath, and loves wearing a more elaborate music wide variety once the time pertains to choose the knight to rescue Fiona. His back-up performers mention that he is gifted in dancing, though he’s going to torture anyone who makes just one mistake when you look at the schedule. Evidently, he has got enforced a dress signal besides, as most of the people is dressed up like dolls from “Welcome to Duloc” to make his empire more their method.

He moves with Fiona back once again to Duloc and eagerly prepares themselves for wedding. Fiona isn’t also happy along with her new bridegroom, though Farquaad doesn’t appear meet an inmate newest to notice and/or care and attention. On marriage, as Farquaad and Fiona are about to hug, Shrek blasts in to target towards the relationship. Shrek confesses their ideas to Fiona and says to this lady that the sole factor Farquaad is marrying this lady can be so he could become king. Farquaad denies his genuine intentions and laughs at the idea of an ogre slipping obsessed about a princess, features Thelonious quick the crowd to laugh with your. However, after sun beings to set, Fiona reveals their curse (that your Mirror attemptedto warn him about) and transforms into an ogre.