I think Swellnet need to have in to the websites internet dating concert, type of similar Tinder

I think Swellnet need to have in to the websites internet dating concert, type of similar Tinder

The thing I would really like from Swellnet is a few types of a bigger strategy, if not becoming purchased by Surfline after that to create a alternative network of close networks globally that individuals can connect with that’s much less terrible. There’s no necessity for an Australian Facebook, Twitter or Instagram due to the fact entire point is to connect beyond in which we’re. And surfers take a trip over many!

Give it in my experience Swellnet, my subscription dollars is waiting around for something to rely on, not for contents (that we lack time to read/watch most of anyway, even although you are the most effective) but in helping me arrive at waves whether at home, Indo or elsewhere.

You would like us to build a new, choice, independent social system, anything similar to fb however forges into unexploited area, puts the present social networking organizations like Twitter (well worth $138 billion), Twitter ($4.4 billion), and Instagram ($100 billion) haven’t considered?

They could call it ‘Swindler’, helping surfers select real love as opposed to this mindless obsession with getting waves

Sorry spouse, no is capable of doing. Definitely offer my personal sympathy towards regional shaper – i will only imagine the expectations heaped on the poor fella.

Yeah yeah i understand, you aren’t planning inform us the real rates. And yes, i understand discover costs to perform the SwellNet juggernaut. Heck you may need even more boards n coffee, Craig needs much more surf n accumulated snow visits and Ben, better, beanies cost a lot!

Hello SN, if you’re able to make Park seashore cam really pan to Park Beach want it accustomed rather than trapped on Macauleys I shall subscribe, clearly you can shell out a sparky or tech man to get it done?

Could you result in the Spit webcam cooking pan from southern area wall toward jetty merely? No person desires try looking in the seaway & we do not need any more consider sugar daddy uk South America I mean South Straddie. Cheers legend.

Merely pans to your beginning of the tarred car park, next would go to south coastline, doesn’t show the northern place close to the stones/headland where the majority of search.

And, i recently panned it and grabbed an attempt, to display the perspective (gotta reduce that bug in the casing!).

The final chance zoomed in is really what you need, the left for the corner is where gallows is better largely. The very first try was going to middle regarding the beach. I’ve only been browsing truth be told there for 28 many years 🙂

The ‘last chance zoomed in’ is really what another picture (above) was – see graphics below – ‘existing framework’ is exactly what’s currently on the site as our north zoom.

Noticed Sean Doherty had a write-up on CW recently that was merely a stub with a web link to the full post on surfline

I practically zoomed it to show the attitude. There include three blokes in the center of the frame right now, and no-one to the left.

haha, okay you have me personally, no not too much in (maybe boogers on a big day lol) but surely from where in actuality the bins join. Possibly as a result of the perspective while cant start to see the rocks looks further over southwards. All close.

It may possibly be older reports to a few, but also for the record: Surfline accounced a few weeks ago that they comprise shutting straight down Coastalwatch as of March 1st.

They gonna need to pay for your cam installs and upkeep today? Bit rich for Aus taxpayers to subsidise a foreign had team. Oh. wait. that is what we do nowadays isn’t really it.