A small blog post with many gratitude

A small blog post with many gratitude

Whenever university begun the guy began coming and resting around me attempting to make preservation they felt so odd I happened to ben’t used to talking to dudes..


Gosh understanding this guys complications just because Taahir wears his jeans above his ankle, kurta on monday features a mustache their Muslim .

a€?Oh okaya€? he stated he never replied or talked in my experience then and that I never saw your on university once more

It was Yumnah had known as us to show me a twitter membership set-up within my title with a photo of myself on campus from far while the screen visualize.

a€?I was questioning why you never ever stick to me as well as I then saw the tweets to your consumer namea€? she said

I check the tweets I was surprised Zaakir got bad mouthed me to society just because We stated no

“your best determine mummy she just adopted a phone call from Auntie Julie , i believe Nabeela informed her mama the story while learn how Auntie loves to bad-mouth all of us.” Yumnah said

The Marriage Preparations

I experienced 3 test in one week and 2 of them ended up being on the same time plus friends task that has been because of perform a presentation during jummah opportunity . I became very upset once I attempted to show lecturer to move my position but she known as me personally out in top in the whole lessons I found myself therefore embarrassed I attempted to full cover up under-the-table ..

She implicated me personally of desiring additional time but I got revealed her the evaluation was actually almost comprehensive and I also wasn’t the only person which had a challenge as there was some other Muslims in class -Ayesha , Taahir and few rest

She was actually come really dangerous towards us from then on. ..I hate when anyone become islamophobic . I mean we reside in Southern Africa we one of the few fortunate nations permitted to engage in Islam in available.

a€? She got married fast-fast there clearly was almost no time to accomplish everything and people comprise talking after just how never receive them, their fathers relative never ever talk with me personally for period because we never receive the woman but she welcomed you for Zafars weddinga€? NMJ hall in Overport had been booked for any Walima , the Nikah were to happen on 11 Oct at Masjid ul Hilaah before Maghrib not to mention Gora Manjras selection ended up being preferred once the catches the eye of the evening.

I might are lacking in preparing division but is exceptional at deco.. I’d preferred a pleasant Tiffany blue and white theme with a rush of silver , We heard t when she was actually young that the woman wedding will likely be bluish and black colored,

We never ever understood there was so many different tones of tones till We begun finding serviettes and great heart pieces , high basketball vases with white roses they featured thus very, I became thrilled your event .

I happened to be creating a lot of enjoyable because of the marriage products but my personal university efforts was actually taking a back once again slide . Happy the marriage was in the August October trip normally I won’t have actually managed

We opted for Fathi , ,her sis and Yumnah to choose a wedding dress for Maryum she appeared therefore stunning .Ahmed is one fortunate man

We were also having a little kitchen area tea for Maryum further weekend prior to the wedding ,her brother decided they and invited some of our family over. In all this race I forgot in regards to the globe.. I couldn’t let but inquire what my wedding is like . Who does I get hitched to?

Pretty well which is a first from a non relative my mother or naani will inform me personally i am very but that is their own task